Bermuda’s Luxury Vacation Home Concierge

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Whether you’re hiking the railroad trails or whale watching, the local insight you’ll get from Crown Point will enrich your experience, as well as taking some of the trip planning off your plate.

With Crown Point – Luxury vacation Home Concierge, excellence is at the very core of everything we do and believe. It is our passion to ensure our guests and our homeowners expectations are not only met, but exceeded. We truly understand the importance of developing and nurturing relationships that will last a lifetime defining the true meaning of Homemade Hospitality for Bermuda.

We started Crown Point to give visitors a new way to experience Bermuda by staying in some of the finest homes with exceptional service. However, it all begins with our homeowners, who hold the key not just to their own front doors, but to something much bigger, a new era of hospitality.

With the services we provide we can make the mundane seem special and the out-of-the-ordinary seem simple. The added value, of having access to our exclusive online portal providing information and offering promotions from Bermudian businesses make it easy for us to address guests and homeowners needs and interests.

Our vacation home concierge service can be the catalyst and in turn the role model for a seamless delivery of service. We strive to deliver the ultimate guest and homeowner experiences with quality service and uphold the highest professional and ethical standards.

With most comfort, Welcome home, we hope you enjoy your stay.

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Clients Reviews


The Lamberts
Home Owner

“We have found working with the crown Point Team to be both very pleasant and very efficient. The information and services offered by Crown Point assist us in ensuring that our guests are going to have the best possible vacation in Bermuda. We look forward to another busy year and working with Crown Point. “

Sally Aggarwal

I have been using CrownPoint for the last 5 years to manage my property and service my guests. I would not hesitate in recommending them as they are resourceful and go above and beyond to ensure my guests are happy and all their requests fulfilled.

Mrs. C.S.

As a homeowner, I am delighted to have found such a quality hospitality professional in Crown Point. Standards are superb, and talent and creativity abound, as well as fine attention to every detail. I have the utmost confidence in this fine organization and have been very pleased with all engagement and results.”