Things on the inside

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Things on the inside

We are certainly here to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Each bed is fitted with fresh linens and all areas are cleaned and maintained to our exacting standards. Each guest will be provided with two towels and two washcloths during their stay. There is no daily housekeeping but should you request it during your stay we will be happy to arrange this for you. If not there is a washing machine and dryer along with other cleaning supplies for those quick and unexpected messes.

Bermuda’s architecture lends itself to a very unique design. Due to our tropical climate our homes are made of either Bermuda stone or concrete block. Depending on what time of year you are traveling this can mean it may get a little damp. Especially in the evening. Please wear socks to keep those toes nice and cozy but it’s not necessary, just a matter of comfort. Also, under our homes there are water tanks. The rain is collected on our roofs, filtered then enter our tanks. There are services to prevent us from running out of water, however, it can be very expensive. If you can help us out a little and be mindful of running water we would greatly appreciate it.

Boy! It can get humid outside. We want you to be comfortable so please feel free to use the air conditioners. However, please make sure all windows are closed when they are in use and please be sure to turn them off when you leave the house for the day. Due to the humidity they can breakdown or cause mould to form over time if the windows are constantly left open.

More tropical goodness, meaning…insects and other creepy crawlies. In the summer month’s harmless but annoying ants are in search for food. Please be sure to make sure you don’t leave any food items out for long periods of time and to wipe the counters when you are done eating or cooking. If not you will notice hundreds of unwelcome guests will gladly do it for you and they won’t be easy to get rid of. Mosquitos and cockroaches are two more insects you may encounter. The ones in Bermuda do not carry any threatening virus like the more southern islands but they can cause the expected mild skin irritation should they bite you. Please be sure to pack insect repellent for your stay.

If you notice your trash is getting full please put it in the larger trash can located outside of the house. If you do not have daily house cleaning or your check-out does not fall on a Tuesday or Thursday please take your trash bags to the entrance of the home ONLY on those days mentioned previously. This will help with pest control and the cleanliness of the property in general. Even though we would love to recycle Bermuda doesn’t have the facilities for all common recyclable items. The blue bags are for cans ONLY. Please do not place plastic in these bags as they will be discarded as normal waste.

We think that covers everything for now. If you notice anything during your stay that would be helpful to mention to any of our future guests let us know. We encourage all feedback to ensure that this home away from home is exactly that!