Customs and immigration

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Customs and immigration

Your plane lands you will enter into the customs and immigration terminal, often greeted by a steel pan player. Please be sure to fill out the forms provided by the flight attendants for each family member correctly according to the form. To assist in making this process go as smoothly as possible please be sure to write the address of the home in the appropriate space.

Once you clear Bermuda customs/immigration you will enter the baggage claim hall. If the Duty Free shop is open and you like to indulge in the occasional beverage like a Rum Swizzle or a Dark & Stormy here is the place where you can purchase it for the best value island wide.

If you have already arranged for transportation you can find them waiting for you once you go through the frosted automatic doors. If we have arranged transportation for you then look for your name sign. In the event you do not see your name sign please call 441-705-0804 immediately. The locals are pretty friendly and will be happy to let you borrow a phone.

All of our drivers have been servicing our homes since conception. However, they, like all taxi drivers on the island are independent. Each taxi is metered by government regulation and rates are displayed in plain view of the customer. Taxis can carry 4-7 passengers depending on the size of the taxi. This will also determine the rate. Sundays and Holidays are also at a higher rate.